Solutions for ALL Your Cloud, Mail, Mobile, Telephone and Network Needs

Cloud Computing (Saas)

More and more often in your business, you will be using cloud-based software programs such as Office 365, both from your office and when you are on the move.

Also called  ‘software-on-demand’, multiple subscriptions to these services can be hard to keep track of and time-consuming to manage.

Let us manage it for you!

Having one point of contact and only one bill for all these services can save you time and money.

Save Money with EntireIT's Cloud Mail

A fully functioning email system is crucial for every business. Because no emails means no sales.

So, you want your email system to be operational ALL the time.

But, if you're a small company you don't need to be paying for more email capacity than you're using.

Yet, if you grow, your email system needs to grow with you.

EntireIT Cloud Mail has two critical advantages:

  1. It has 99.999% uptime, which means you'll never be left with a blank email screen.
  2. And, your email system can grow right alongside your business. Start small and add email accounts as you expand. Future-proofing at its best!

No matter what size of business you have, EntireIT Cloud Mail gives you both flexibility and reliablility.


Almost  nothing is standalone in an office anymore. Computers talk to printers, phones communicate with Cloud services and on it goes.

But when one device or platform doesn’t send or receive the right message, the result can be disaster.

It’s tricky to ensure everything is linked properly, working at the right speed and delivering the services you need to keep operating at full efficiency.

This is known as ‘networking’, and fortunately for you, Entire IT has a reputation as being the go-to networking company in Dunedin.

We will ensure everything ties together, works optimally and doesn’t cease functioning at the very moment you need it most.

VoIP Phone Service

Thankfully, the days of clunky PABX telephone systems and others of their ilk are well behind us!

Today, businesses are relying more and more on internet-based phone systems, known as VoIP (voice over internet).

They are cheaper, more flexible in terms of location and device, and are less confusing to use – at both ends of the line! In other words, your phone – landline or mobile – dovetails seamlessly into your business life, whether you are sitting at your desk, in the lunch room or out on the road.

As well, clever features that were once too expensive for small businesses are now within reach of everyone!

Talk to us to find out how to stop missed calls, lost calls and the necessity to have more than one phone number.

Mobility Solutions

You and your staff need access to all your cloud-based services and network data no matter where you are.

It is even more critical if your staff are out in the field or traipsing through the back-blocks every day. They need to have as much information at their fingertips as they do back in their offices.

That’s where Entire ITs’ mobile services can help. We make sure all your devices are connected and operating optimally.

Talk with us today about your cloud computing, mail, mobile, phone and networking needs.